There’s something gratifying about completing any DIY project, especially those with particularly impressive end-results. That satisfaction is multiplied when the project is done with someone you love and care about, because it becomes that much more sentimental as a team effort.

Hometalkers Vicki and Steph, of Mother Daughter Projects are a popular presence on Hometalk. They are indeed mother and daughter, and they “love working on projects together, and sharing them on video.” And they aren’t kidding. Their dedication (and awesome personalities!) shows on their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

So we decided to interview Vicki and Steph, to learn more about them, their DIY backstory, and of course, that amazing bond they graciously share with the rest of us through their projects.


1) The Hometalk team loves how you’re a mother and daughter duo! For those who don’t already know, which one is Steph, and which is Vicki?
Steph is the daughter. Vicki, the mom.


2) What inspired you to both to DIY, and to DIY together?
It’s kind of in our DNA! Vicki grew up around parents that were both very creative and handy. At 85 and 89, her parents are still great supporters. She was doing crafts and sewing in elementary school as well as focusing on electricity as her main project in 4-H. It was natural for Steph to be included in Vicki’s DIY adventures at an early age.


3) How did Mother Daughter Projects come to be?
It actually came about from an off-handed comment Vicki made while screening Steph’s porch. Steph was sharing how she couldn’t find any well made videos on how to rescreen a porch. Vicki said to Steph “you have a TV Production degree, you should make one.” Anyway, the wheels started turning, ideas were tossed around, and a few days later, Mother Daughter Projects was born! We launched our YouTube channel March 28, 2015 and the blog went live May 16, 2015.


4) Your chemistry shows that you were both always close from the get-go. But do you feel DIY projects made your bond even stronger?
We have been very close since Steph was young. Having an already strong bond, we wouldn’t say working on Mother Daughter Projects has changed that. Working together as business partners (Mother Daughter Projects, LLC) has given us the opportunity to discover and appreciate our similarities and differences. Because there are sometimes frustrations and disagreements in sharing a business and spending so much time together, we are very diligent about keeping the lines of communication open in order to preserve our close relationship.


5) Are you frequently approached by others who wish they had a relationship like the two of you?
All the time. Sometimes it’s because they wish they had a bond like ours or because they do have a bond like ours and want to share in that joy. Some people share sad stories of no longer enjoying those relationships due to a falling out or death. It makes us appreciate, and not take for granted, the relationship that we enjoy.


6) Do you both have the same taste in DIY projects?
Our tastes in projects are becoming more closely aligned as we develop new skills. For example, when we first started, neither of us were very skilled in woodworking. Now that we’ve become comfortable with woodworking tools, we both tend to lean more towards those types of projects. But we still have areas of interests that are really not in the other’s wheelhouse. Vicki would do sewing projects and upcycle projects all day long, Steph would lean towards technology.


7) Are you both equally skilled in all aspects of your projects, or are responsibilities split?
Each of us have somewhat different skill sets or things we like or dislike. The division of work almost always naturally divides between the two of us based on those skills and strengths. For example, Vicki really likes to sand, paint and take on the very tedious jobs. Steph likes to make wood cuts, drill, and take care of all the technical aspects of getting a project captured, edited, and posted.


8) How do you decide which projects to take on?
Our blog focuses on projects for homeowners so those are the kinds of projects we consider. If an idea can fit into one of our four focus areas: maintenance, improvement, decor, and tech we will consider it. We rarely deviate from the four focus areas, but if you check the sidebar on our blog you’ll find a category titled “etc.” There you’ll see some things that totally do not fit into our focus areas. (Vicki got to sneak in some sewing projects in that category!) Sometimes we are offered products or tools which sparks an idea for a project. The kitchen backsplash project came about because we were given the opportunity to try peel and stick tile. We had been wanting to update Steph’s kitchen and the product seemed like a perfect fit.


9) How do you balance work, life, and your DIY projects?
Working from home means we have a very flexible schedule but it also means we never leave work. Steph has tried to keep a balance for us with a schedule. It’s nice because our family lives very close so if we want to go hang out with the nephews/niece (grands) we can! The kids are very used to trips to Home Depot with us by now!


10) If you don’t mind sharing- what are some brands that you have worked with?
Our favorite brand (which has been our dream brand to work with from the beginning) is The Home Depot, with whom we just signed a year-long partnership deal as reviewers in their tool ProSpective campaign. The Home Depot has been our #1 choice hardware store way before the blog started so this opportunity was a perfect fit!


11) What is a dream project that you have yet to take on?
Redesigning Vicki’s living/kitchen/dining space with mid-century decor. Steph wants to build her dream house one day. Many years down the road, but it’s on her list!


12) What is a dream project you would take on if money/time/etc was not an issue?
That’s easy, we’d love to take on a fixer-upper to flip!


Aren’t Vicki and Steph fantastic? Such wonderful energy! Don’t forget to check out their amazing projects on Hometalk!