Hello Hometalkers! I’m back with another round-up of inspiring projects, and this week’s theme is repurposed planters. Reusing old, or even broken, objects as new homes for our plants not only helps the environment by reducing waste, but helps add character to the garden. And, as evidenced by the myriad examples on Hometalk, there is no limit to what you can make into a planter!

Weekly Inspiration: Repurposed Planters

Chicken Feeder Planter by Michael W

Chicken Feeder Planter

Planter Made Out of an Old Chair by Cultivators Design & Landscape

Old Chair Planter

Red Wagons Made Into Planters

Red Wagon Planters

Recycling Broken Pottery by Jan M

Recycling Broken Pottery

Vintage Hanging Scale Planter by Michael W

Vintage Hanging Scale Planter

Kitchen Fairy Garden by Organized C

Kitchen Fairy Garden

Old Dresser into Outdoor Planter by Eclectically Vintage

Old Dresser Planter

Sideboard Planter by Julee S

Sideboard Planter

Old Grill Planter by Jane W

Old Grill Planter

Suitcase Planter by Cultivators Design and Landscape

Suitcase Planter

Bike Planter by Suesan F

Bike Planter

Flower Boots by Julee S

Flower Boots

Tiered Flower Bed from Repurposed Drawers by Sara C

Tiered Drawers Planter

DIY Silver Kitchen Herb Garden by Anyone Can Decorate

DIY Silver Kitchen Herb Garden

Kayak Planter by Leah R

Kayak Planter

Pink Toilet Planter by Glenda W

Pink Toilet Planter

 Red Tire Planters (Standing & Hanging Versions) by Pamela R

Standing Tire Planter

Hanging Tire Planter

And for anyone looking for even more ideas, here are some posted from around the web:

Teacup Planter from The Micro Gardener

Teacup Planter

Sink Planter from The Micro Gardener

Sink Planter

Stiletto Cactus Planter from The Micro Gardener

Stiletto Cactus Planter

Magnetic Wine Cork Succulents from The Drunken Yarn

Magnetic Wine Cork Succulents

Rainbow Tire Planters from Eating Rules

Rainbow Tire Planters

Eggshell Succulent Mini Planter from Succulife

Eggshell Succulent Mini Planter

Cinderblock Wall Planter from Urban Gardens

Cinderblock Wall Planter

Camera Lens Planter from Bryan Bowman

Camera Lens Planter

 This Book Belongs to: Succulents by Jessica Wolkoff

Succulent Book

If you’re proud of a repurposed planter that YOU’VE created, share it with us on Hometalk, and leave a link to your post in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and see you back on Hometalk,


by admin on Jul 27, 2012

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