When it comes to DIY projects, there are those who stick to keeping it ‘safe’ by using themes, materials, and colors that are natural, and more or less subdued. Then there are DIYers like Krystyl Baldwin, who dare to use the royal purples and blues in her rooms, with contrasts of fuschia and teal. For her, embellishments go beyond ribbons and lace- she will purchase specialty beads, trimmings, and charms to add major pizazz to her projects.

But that can be scary territory though, right? Most remodeling jobs tend to be relatively time consuming, and if you use bold colors and materials- what if others don’t like it? That’s never a concern for Krystyl. She is a visionary that always manages to make it work. And the naysayers? She doesn’t have time for those.

Krystyl’s outlook on DIY is very inspiring, especially for those of us who have yet to branch out of our comfort zones. You know what though? It’s perfectly okay to make bold choices with your DIY projects and renovations. The bottom line is that you need to own it with confidence.

Learn more about this outlook from Krystyl herself!


1) How long have you been DIYing? What was your first DIY project?
Probably my whole life. My mom was always very crafty and I grew up on a fixed income household, so most things were from second hand stores or my mom made it. I used to love doing school projects because mine were always the most unique, but I’m a perfectionist so if it wasn’t perfect, I would cry. I still cry when things don’t go my way ha!

The very first DIY project that I can remember was learning how to sew crafting squares. To this day, the sewing machine and I still don’t get along properly.

2) You’re so skilled in all types of DIY and renovation projects. How did this come about? Did you learn from others? Were you self-taught?
I’ve taken classes on learning how to do little things from polymer clay, to sewing, but with everything being so accessible on the Internet these days, I have learned that what might work for one won’t work for me. So I will find as many tutorials for the same thing from different people and try and combine their techniques to make my own. We’ve all seen those posts of ‘things.’

3) What/who is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by bright bold colors, unique items that most people wouldn’t think to put in their house.  The more unique and bold the better.  It’s not that the items I chose are something that someone finds weird or odd, they are just pieces that someone says ‘that wouldn’t work for MY home’ and then that’s what I buy for MY home. Then I get follow up texts from friends “I should have bought that” or “why didn’t I think of that?”   

4) We noticed you seem to lean towards deep or bold jeweled tones when it comes to choosing home decor. Did you always love the fuchsias, purples and teals, or did you recently come out of your shell?
Jewel tones I’ve always been attracted to. Blue is my favorite, purple second and always hated pink but for some reason over the years fuschia has really been coming more and more into my life.  In the 1920s/1930s there was a designer who created the color ‘shocking pink’, her name was Elsa Schiaparelli. She described it as “life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together, a color of China and Peru but not of the West.” The more the color has come into my life, the more I feel happy.  I guess it was meant to be all along.

5) Have you ever faced criticism for your unconventional choices? If so, by whom? How do you typically react?
Of course, but really who cares what someone else thinks as long as it brings you joy and happiness? Does that person’s opinion bring you joy and happiness? If the answer is no, then who cares about what they think?

6) What are some of your secrets to ‘making it all come together’ when giving rooms a total makeover?
Leave yourself LOTS of room for improvement. If it doesn’t work out, you might have to start over. Starting over is the worst part, and sometimes it can be the best part because you learned from the first mistakes.

If it looks like it’s too much, chances are it probably is. If it doesn’t feel like it’s enough, try adding a plant.  

7) What are some tips you would like to share for those who are trying to stick within a tight budget while redoing their bedroom/kitchen/bathroom?
Use your local resources for finding things that are second hand. Sometimes someone is doing the same thing you are and donated a beautiful vintage chair they don’t want anymore that’s in pristine condition to your local goodwill. Or maybe there’s something on Craigslist that a fresh coat of paint will bring life to.  Don’t limit your options to second hand pieces, they need love too!  

8) What is your message to people who withhold their urge to make bold choices in their DIY projects for home?
You only live once, and if it doesn’t look right, just paint it again!