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Admittedly, the thought of another social networking or blogger platform that offers a means to share information or photos seems all too familiar.  Adding pictures and content to yet another site and adjusting to the learning curve can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, as a fellow business owner/entrepreneur and Hometalk Professional, our ability to network and stay connected through a variety of forums wins out.

In the interior design profession, the capacity to combine the emotional aspects of business into beautiful spaces for our clients must be accomplished through effective communication and strong visual presentation skills. One such forums that is quite useful to those in the creative field looking to broadcast their expertise and visually communicate their services is – a twist on tumbler minus the “e”.

Let me take a minute to grab your attention. Yes, it is another blog site; but, it is one that hosts nearly 79.8M blogs, 35.1B posts, and ranks top 15 in the United States. If you are not tumbling (pun intended), then you are missing a valuable resource for posting a wide assortment of content for your business.

Speaking of visuals – set-up and customization of your theme can be as easy as selecting a free or purchased theme with the option of changing the colors, adding html code, or developing your own.  In addition, like many of our smart phones and iphone apps, icons make posting easy to select on the main dashboard (figure 1) with seven optional styles to chose from including text, photos, quotes, links, chat, audio, and video; and if you are on the road – there app for Tumblr gives your business the capabilities of posting from anywhere on the road (figure 2).  So if you have a Smartphone and find a great picture to post from a jobsite, there is easy access to your blog features.

Quick Tips for Rolling on Tumblr:

  • Take a look at the top themes and then customize your theme to fit your business.
  • Yes, you can connect your postings with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and easily reference your RSS feed through editing and customization tabs
  • Download the Bookmarklet for ease of sharing on Tumblr with content found during web searches or linking back to your website and/or Hometalk blog
  • Check out the email and phone-in posting features that provide additional avenues for posting newsletters and audio content
  • Drafts and Queue features do exist should you post directly through Tumblr.  But know that Tumblr is available as an application that shares on other Social Media Management sites (e.g. Hootsuite).

While you are rolling around on Tumblr at your home, office, or on the road, be sure to give us a follow at True Identity Concepts, add us to your RSS feed (figure 3), and/or Facebook and Twitter.

by admin on Nov 15, 2012

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