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 As a business owner, you get no shortage of solicitations: Join this! Sign up for that! We’ll send you leads! We’ll save you money! It’s ironic really since small business owners have the most hats to wear, the least amount of time to spend and perhaps the most information to single-handedly sort through. There is no single measure to learn which of these groups are worth joining, paying for, signing up for and who will really help you generate leads.

The low investment amount, time flexibility and large audience are just a few reasons small business owners have turned to social media as a method to spread their message. Our own dear was one of these up-and-coming social sharing sites vying for our time not that long ago. And now, it’s a faithful friend and daily visitor for the AK team! We knew Hometalk was different than the rest when we were introduced to Miriam. When we heard about the site’s commitment to the Atlanta metro area, when we saw the marketing efforts on our own TVs and radios and saw the comments grown on our posts – we knew Hometalk was going to be a site that would be very worthy of our limited time!

Once we were sold on the effectiveness of website, we quickly began to identify some ways to maximize our time on Hometalk and get the most out of our experience. Only because we like this site so much, are we willing to share our Hometalk secrets with you!

  1. Post Great Pictures – Duh. No fuzzies. But it’s critical to recognize how Hometalk displays the pictures. The first you upload is the biggest, the next two only show portions of the image. So: Best overall image goes to the top. Next two pictures should not be close-ups.  Even if you’re posting a question, include a picture! If you write about it – show it! Professional pictures make a HUGE difference.


  1. Answer Questions – Duh. Do your daily duty and check out the questions page. Your responses will up your “street cred” on the site and get you more likes, a higher ranking, more followers and more!
  2. Post In The Day. Post In The Night. – When is your target audience using Hometalk? Find out!
  3. Follow The Trends – What are people talking about on Hometalk today? Check out their FB page, what has the most comments? Do you have a project or a tip that can add to and enhance that idea? POST IT! Don’t duplicate others post, don’t beat a dead horse, but there’s no harm in jumping on a powerful bandwagon now and then!
  4. Go For Facebook – Hometalk adds 7+ posts to their Hometalk Facebook each day. If your post is lucky enough to be chosen for this high honor, you will see dramatic results. Follow their Facebook page, see what they are posting. When you brainstorm posts, keep this goal in the back of your mind. Getting your business name in front of 482,000 people is very, very nice.


  1. Comment On Your Own Post – This seems silly, but it’s one of our greatest lessons learned! When someone comments on your post, respond to them. Your own comments, as well as theirs, up your posts popularity ranking! We’re not trying to be tricky here, but we think it’s just an incentive to do what you should be doing anyway.

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by admin on Oct 25, 2012

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