It doesn’t take long for one to get inspired by the various DIY projects found anywhere online. However, DIY novices tend to backtrack after seeing images that are dubbed by many as “Pinterest Fails,” which are basically compilations of botched DIY projects. But that does not mean they should give up. It takes time and dedication to create stunning DIY projects.

Hometalker Nicole Burkholder Of 365ish Pins serves as the perfect example of that dedication. As the name of her blog indicates, she is big on giving viral pins a go, with her own added spin. So we decided to interview her to learn more about her approach.

How long have you been DIYing? What inspired you to start?
I started dipping my toe into the DIY world when I discovered Pinterest. Back then, it was still in the beta stage and you had to be “invited” to join. 🙂 The idea of being able to mix your own household cleaners or taking something that was considered “trash” and cleaning it up for a new purpose was intriguing to me.

How did Pinterest change the way you DIY?
Pinterest was the real reason I got brave enough to try things for myself. I saw these women creating beautiful things and most of them were not paid professionals from brands. I wanted to be one of those women!

What made you decide to go on ahead and create your blog? Are you on track towards your goal of ‘365ish’ posts?
I created my blog after a few months of trying new things I found on Pinterest. People kept saying, “Oh, that recipe is great! Where did you get it?” and my answer was always “I saw it on Pinterest.” 🙂 My mom was amazed that I was willing to try all these new ideas for my home, and I kept telling her there are people out there who have already done it- I’m just following their directions! I decided to start tracking my progress of trying all these different ideas with my own blog. It was just something that I did for myself. I set a goal to do 365 different things from Pinterest in one year. And I reached it! In June of 2013, I hit day 365 and it was a HUGE accomplishment for me. Now, after 5 years of blogging, I realize that all those ideas I “found on Pinterest” were really just amazing posts from thousands of other bloggers all curated on Pinterest.

What are your favorite types of DIY projects?
My favorite types of DIY projects are seasonal things that I can pull out and use year after year. I’ve created all sorts of easy little things to decorate my mantel with as the seasons change. I also love anything that can serve a purpose and be useful in my home. I love decor, but I live in a small home and space is limited, so I have to be smart about the projects I choose.


What would be the DIY project of your dreams, if time and cost weren’t an issue?
If time and cost weren’t an issue, I’d love to completely makeover my backyard and patio. I think it has such potential to be an extension of our home!


What was some of the best feedback you’ve received for your creations?
My most popular DIY items are actually all the DIY cleaners and tips I have on my site. When someone comes back to leave a comment telling me how great it worked, that makes my day!


Please tell us some of the materials you always keep on hand for your projects.
For simple home decor projects, I always keep hot glue and E6000 on hand. You can do amazing things with glue! I also like to buy the small samples from the paint counters in hardware stores. That way I have all sorts of different colors and types of paint already on hand for when inspiration strikes!


What is your advice to young adults that hesitate giving DIY projects a go?
My advice for someone who is hesitant to DIY is this: just go for it! A good tutorial will walk you through step by step. If you’ve never done something before, watch a YouTube video, and then just follow the instructions. I tell people the same thing about trying a new recipe when they say they can’t cook. If you can read a recipe, you can cook. If you can read a tutorial, you can DIY. Really!


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