Elissa Shevinsky of Hometalk interviewed Glen Scott, of the wildly popular YouTube channel DIY Creators. According to YouTube, his channel has over 33 Million views.

I’m a fan of your work! You’re making DIY more accessible to people, which I think is really awesome.

That’s definitely the goal – just being able to share the things I make and give other people the confidence that they can do it themselves.

How did you get this confidence yourself?

Well, I guess I got the confidence by just doing it. Just not being afraid to jump in, and not being afraid to make a mistake. And over time you get better.

You have a day job. You’re doing this in your spare time. For me that’s inspiring because it’s relatable.

Its definitely a challenge. It’s not easy because on a typical day, I’m waking up at 5 in the morning and I’m hauling an hour to work. Coming back home is another hour, so I usually get home around 5. I hang out w my daughter for a bit, switch clothes and get to work. I’m normally creating stuff all week long because I got a youtube channel to feed – so I have to keep creating content. I’m going full time eventually. I’m hoping next year some time.

Its meaningful to see all kinds of people in DIY. Home stuff, it’s not just for women – it’s for everyone. I think you can be inspiring to some of the men out there.

That’s the thing about my channel, I’m not afraid to do the stuff that doesn’t feel masculine. For me, I’m a creator. I’m gonna create things that just make sense for a certain space. I don’t have any limits. It’s not like, “Oh man I won’t create a flower pot because that’s not a guy thing.” I noticed that a lot of viewers appreciate it when I make something like a concrete candle holder. For me, I’d like to get into sewing. I grew up with my grandma and I want to be able to sew because I want to be able to make sofa couches and pillows. I want to be able to do the whole design in the room. I’m just intrigued by doing things with my hands. It’s fair game, I’m open to all those things.

You’ve mentioned that you’d like to do DIY fulltime. You’re well on your way! You’ve got what, 600,000 followers on Youtube?

Yeah it’s 620K. Going fulltime is like a dream. It’s something, you’re waiting for it and you know it’s real. It’s a little ways away but just dying to do it.

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