Elissa Shevinsky of Hometalk spoke with Rachel Metz, successful YouTuber on a mission to become the next Martha Stewart. Her YouTube channel Living to DIY has gotten over 1.5M views. We spoke with Rachel about her process for building home crafts, and about YouTube stardom. 

What’s your process teaching yourself all these new things?

I’ll look up a bunch of tutorials about what I want to do. Some bloggers leave steps out – almost to have you not replicate it exactly like them. So I take what I like and then keep looking at other ones.  I’ve never found a tutorial that is through and through exactly what I want to folow. So I create my own from others’ inspiration. I also want to make it as easy as possible for myself because I want to do ten projects in one day, I don’t want to spend one whole day doing one project  because i need to constantly be creating. I get it to the bare bones of what you really need to do.

What’s your process when you’re making something for the first time? What if you mess up and have to correct it?

I did a dog teepee recently.  That was my first time building a mini structure, and it doesn’t sound too intimidating! I started building it with different power tools that I hadn’t used before, and ended up making a tent. I didn’t even make a teepee. And I was sitting there thinking, “How did I even get here, this isn’t what I wanted to do.” But at the same time, I didnt want to waste it. So I just finagled it and manipulated it into something that I could work with. I ended up hot gluing the wood together. I’m like “hot glue’s fine!” And I literally hot glued the wood together. So that’s my process. I get over the speed bumps as they come.

What’s your inspiration….who inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the humans in my life. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by such hard working people that are consistently living and going after their dreams.  I don’t really have someone that I watch and I’m like, “Oh, I want to be like them” –  because there is nobody like me in the field. I can never find someone to relate to. So I kind of pull different characteristics from each person.  

You do have a very unique vibe.

Yeah, I feel like, for me, when I watch YouTube a lot of the (DIY) videos can feel the same. It’s because the numbers do well if your portray yourself this way, or you get more views if you have neon pinks in your thumbnail. For me, I think my approach is a bit more masculine because in my day to day life I’m such a tomboy.  

Do you have any advice for the Hometalk podcast listeners?

If you are getting into DIYing and you’re new to this world – don’t give up! You gotta see which DIYs are really your forte and what you enjoy doing. if you do one and it’s not your thing, don’t let it shun you away from the DIY world. Try one more just for me and make sure its something that you are truly interested in creating for yourself or someone else.  I promise you it will be so easy after that.

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