Elissa Shevinsky of Hometalk spoke with Tanner Bell, teen DIY creator and the co-creator of the website “A Little Craft in Your Day.”  Posts like DIY Concrete Vases have made Tanner one of the most popular members on Hometalk, with over 1M views for his videos and tutorials across Hometalk. We love Tanner’s easygoing style, and emphasis on simple but imaginative ways to liven up your home.

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I love your website “A Little Craft in your Day” which you co-produce with your business partner Courtney Chambers. What makes your website unique?

Tanner Bell with business partner Courtney Chambers

In 2013 we decided to launch “A Little Craft in Your Day” for next generation creatives because we felt there wasn’t a place for us as teenagers to share creative ideas. So we’ve really tried to cultivate an audience of people that are excited to craft. A lot of our audience is people that have never created before and this is some of their first projects. The whole idea of the site is to give daily inspiration to everyone for everyone in any type of craft.

Part of what makes you special is speaking from a teen perspective. What can you tell us about that?

From a business standpoint, I really needed to prove myself – so making sure that I reply to emails on a timely fashion, making sure that I meet meetings. It’s proving that you’re able to do it. From a creating standpoint, getting the support from your family is a big thing. I was so lucky and blessed to have a mom that supports me no matter what I want to do.

Even if you don’t have that support, finding that support is important –  even if it’s not your immediate family. I know a lot of people who create and their family doesn’t really understand it. They’re like, “Why aren’t they watching Netflix?” Just finding like minded people and people who support you as a person is the biggest takeaway.

Tanner Bell filming an ad campaign for Nationwide Insurance. Photo credit: “A Little Craft in Your Day”

What are you finding teenagers want to work on in DIY?

All my friends are obsessed with anything personalized. I don’t’ know if its just because I live in the South but our demographic, especially the girls, love to monogram everything. My friends want me to help them monogram their planners, they wanna have monogrammed pillows, they wanna monogram their backpack they wanna use patches – so many different ways to really personalize everything they’re doing! I think that would be the best way to describe everyone as a whole. Their monogram is such a big thing to them.  

What advice do you have for people who are new to DIY?

A lot of people feel that they need all the different things to get started. The truth is there are plenty of things in your home right now that you’re able to craft something with! And that means whatever you think it means.  If that means revamping something that you were about to throw away, or that means dusting off something in your basement and giving it a fresh coat of paint – then do that. Before you go out and get overwhelmed look around your home. Even if its something that you don’t want for your own decor, use it as a test project and see what you can do with it.

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