Elissa Shevinsky of Hometalk spoke with Jonathan Fong, successful author, international web series personality, Hometalk Facebook Live Host, and the host of the website “Stye with a Smile.”  Creative posts like How to Personalize Soap with Funny Retro Graphics have made Jonathan one of the most popular members on Hometalk, with nearly 2M views for his videos and tutorials. We love Jonathan’s warm, whimsical style, and were delighted to learn more about how he connects with his creativity.

I’m so excited to talk to you! Could you tell us a bit about Style with a Smile?

Style with a Smile started because I wanted to create more and have a presence on the visual mediums. Because of technology – Youtube and Facebook Live –  you don’t need to have gatekeepers (ie tv networks) telling you if you can do something or not. So I decided to create my own web series, because there was nothing stopping me.  So I just started filming myself doing projects, DIY projects and craft projects and decorating projects! It was just really empowering to be able to create my own web content that way. I’d film it and edit it the same day, put it out there and get an immediate audience that could ask questions in the comments – so that was really exciting. After I did that I was cast in a web series for Disney.

Your story is just so inspiring, because you started with your own ideas and your own inspiration and you became an international tv star! It’s just a question of having a dream and having the confidence. That’s the hardest part, I think – having the confidence to get started and put yourself out there.

 Everything I do is DIY. I realized my life and career are DIY, because you just kind of make it yourself. There isn’t anything to stop you these days. There used to be.

People have a lot of uncertainty. Can I do this, should I do this? I learned early on that you should just do it! I used to be afraid of messing up. And I realized that even if you mess up it’s not that big of a deal, you know? When you do mess up, I think people kind of like you more! So I’m not that afraid now because I’ve messed up a lot and when you mess up and realize it and the world didn’t come to an end and you actually learned something from it, it’s pretty great.

There’s nothing like community, there’s nothing like connecting with people who like you because you’ve expressed who you really are.

There is a wonderful community out there for the people who want to create. It’s really supportive and it’s filled with good people. I’ll get on my soapbox again about creativity.

Creating is the opposite of destruction. There is so much destruction in this world and I feel that when we create no matter what we create, if we’re painting, if we’re creating music, if we’re creating poetry –  just by creating we are counteracting the destruction that’s going on and it’s a good thing.  Cosmically, it’s really important that all of us creators keep creating.

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