Elissa Shevinsky of Hometalk interviewed Kassandra DeKoning, creator of the popular DIY Little DeKonings. Kassandra is building her own home from scratch, and living that American Dream. 

I could hear your boys in the background as we were starting to record. Can you tell us about your family? Who’s doing this with you?

So my husband…I wouldn’t say he’s the most handiest guy.

You know he might hear this

It’s kind of ironic because my blog is about do it yourself and how you can achieve things for your home. I guess i’ve had to learn a lot myself because he isn’t so handy!

It’s so cool to hear a story where the woman is the more handy person, there’s a stereotype that the men are the ones building stuff.

I mean my husband can be handy if he tries so I’ve gotta give him credit and I wouldn’t say I’m the handiest girl out there. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and you can’t be good at everything. If my husband is really good at something else and he’s not so good at being handy around the house that’s fine.

Have you always been the kind of person who does big things, or did you have to evolve to figure out how to connect to your heart and your dreams?

I’m actually a very laid back person and I’m very shy. If it wasn’t for marrying my husband…, he’s the opposite of me. He’s a go-getter and loves to be social and he’s a big dreamer as well. I’m a dreamer but he’s a dreamer that makes things happen. If it wasn’t for being with my husband I don’t think my dreams would have happened so quickly so i definitely think it’s been the two of us that have made our dreams come true. I’m more of the creative side so I can visualize what I’m dreaming, but if I tell my husband what I’m thinking he can find a way to make it happen.

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