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If you are in business these days, then you likely have a website.  And with a website, one of the first goals must then be getting that website found… by people … and more specifically, by people that you’d want to have find it.  Three simple ways to have your website found (and just chucking these out):   Tell people about your website (and of course, give them the address); Advertise your website; Do your best to have your website … found through search engine search results.

One way to guarantee that your site is found in search engine search results, and furthermore – in relevant search results, is having your site linked to from other related (and established) websites. Really!  Relevant = relevant to your customers (read: any person you serve) & Related = related to, well … what’s relevant to you. (Ha!) This is the cornerstone of an internet marketing strategy typically called “inbound marketing” and it utilizes (primarily) something known as “keywords.”  Easy Preazy! Right?

There are in fact many ways that you can come to find yourself linked to from other sites.  You may set up and use social profiles on social networking platforms (read: Tell people about it).  You can spring for paid promotional links (read:  Advertise your website).  You can (or is that “may”?) even be lucky enough to have the “press” pick you up – linking to you naturally and organically (read:  This is usually a function of the work called “PR”).

All gold, for sure . . . but maybe a little too passive (or aggressive, ha!) for your taste … and in at least two of the three of these, you have limited or zero control over the keywords that are used.

Enter — Guest Blog Posting and here are three reasons to do it.  Guest Blogging provides an opportunity to tell other (usually established, well-spoken) people about your site. Guest Blogging is a very subtle way in which (and dependent on the size of the “outlet” you pick) you can advertise, yes – advertise your site.  Guest Blogging is a great way to built inbound . . . Wait! … keyword-laden inbound links into your site.  And if I haven’t said it already, it’s these inbound search-engine-lovin’ juicy links that you want for your site… always.

And that’s it.

“Oh, but I am not a writer.”  Well, you don’t have to be.   When you submit to sites, typically your submission will receive at least an editorial once-over.  “But I can’t think of anything to write about.”  Easy… write about yourself, your business, or your customers … and in fact a combination of all three typically works best.  “But what about this whole … keyword thing?  Search Engine Optimizing?”  Don’t worry, no one really understands everything there is to know about that anyway.  It’s … MAGIC!


I’ll try. Let’s say an internet user types in a phrase that is relevant for … me – “Home Improvement. ” With that, tiny little gnomes are set in motion and go scurrying about.  They’re checking file cabinets, you see, and they are trying to make … connections.

“Home Improvement” … ” hmmm? “  …. *Collectively scratching their gnome-heads*  … “Let’s see.  Well – We can find this site called Building Moxie in our Home + Improvement file . . . oh and 100,000 times it’s appeared.”  (Sorry, do dream jb.) Check! … “And on some other high rating and related sites” Check!  . . . “Hmmm…. Let’s serve it up, and heck, let’s put it right near the top.”

It’s all kinda like that “Spongebob Square Pants” episode; do you know the one?  Squilliam Returns >> here.  You don’t know it?  Anyway, moving on…

It may not always be appropriate to stuff a guest submission with links.  That’s not to say linking to valuable or relevant articles you already have wouldn’t work.  Just don’t go hog-wild and link for the sake of linking.  Instead, save your big bang for the Byline.

Your byline should in essence look something like the one I would use here:

-  JB Bartkowiak is blogger-in-chief @, a site dedicated to Pro & DIY Home Improvement as well as all things Home, Home, ‘Hood.

Notice of course that I didn’t link out from my domain name. Instead I used a selected keyword phrase for that purpose – “Pro & DIY Home Improvement”.   Note too that the link did not appear at the end of the sentence … all important.

And really, that’s it.

I mean – All publishers (even when they do not pay for content) understand the value expert-submitted content can provide.  For this, they are willing to provide you with all forms of credit you desire, including linking to your website.  At the same time, and the way things are with Social these days, they will typically also promote you, champion you in fact . . . because guess what – you are now part of their own site.  Win Win … Win . . . Win?  As a courtesy is it often wise to provide reciprocal back-linking to the then published article.

“But I am scared… But But…”  HaWell.

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by admin on Oct 18, 2012

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