We caught up with Maura from Happy Deal – Happy Day! to ask her about her DIY experience!

Where are you from?
Conesus, NY

When did you start DIYing? 
I’ve been an avid crafter since childhood.  I have fond memories of my grandmother teaching me needlepoint.  I had my own friendship bracelet making business on my bus in elementary school.  Now as an adult I still love to craft, but also like doing more DIY projects involving updating old furniture or experimenting with unicorn spit.  I love up-cycling something that would normally be viewed as junk or re-purposing an object in a creative way.

What is your DIY motto? 
Never pay full price if you can do it yourself for cheaper!

Is DIYing your full-time job? 
Blogging is my full-time job (aside from motherhood) and DIY projects are a big part of my frugal lifestyle blog over at happydealhappyday.com.

How do you find inspiration for what to DIY?   
Browsing Pinterest, meandering through thrift shops, walking through Michaels and other craft supply stores.  On vacation last year, I would take pictures of decor items I wanted to buy, but knew I could go home and make for cheaper.  We rented a cottage once for an anniversary getaway and I fell in love with this placemat covered in small wood slabs – so I took a picture of it and came home and made one myself!

What’s a project that stands out in your head and why? 
I have to say one of my Dollar Tree makeovers is one of my favorites.  I cover oven covers with scrapbook paper and turn them into magnet boards.  I’ve created numerous kinds of magnets and inspirational messages that I hang on the boards – and actually started selling them in a Handmade Amazon called Magnet Menagerie!

What is your biggest DIY fail? 
I remember seeing a recipe online awhile back on how to make beads out of toothpaste.  I attempted it – and when they dried, the all just crumbled.  This would be a fun one to pick back up and experiment with to find a way to make it really work!

What do you like to do when you aren’t DIYing? 
I am the mother of 2 girls – ages 8 and 4.  They are my life, and my DIYing is what I do in my spare time.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you? 
I also work part-time for a non-for-profit organization called Hope Beyond Today.  We help children living in poverty in India by sponsoring children to pay for school, lunches, and other practical items like mosquito nets.

If you are giving advice to a new DIYer what would it be? 
Never give up!  And never be afraid to try something new.

What are your top 3 #rideordie DIY supplies (supplies you just can’t live without)?
1. Glue gun
2. Scrapbook paper
3. Soap molds.


Maura from Happy Deal – Happy Day! is such an inspiration to the Hometalk community! Be sure to check out her Hometalk projects here.

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