Brandi from Don’t Disturb This Groove shares her DIY Motto with us after we fell in love with her garage makeover (see it here)!

Where are you from?  I was born in Germany(my father was an Army veteran) and raised in South Jersey.

When did you start DIYing?  When we bought our house.  Little projects cost more than we assumed.  To save money, yet maintain our home we do the easy things ourselves.

What is your DIY motto?  Remain humble and enjoy the process.

Is DIYing your full time job?  No. I’m a stay-at-home parent.

How do you find inspiration for what to DIY?  I’m inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us.  I also love to flip through magazines and read home decor blogs.

What’s a project that stands out in your head and why?  Our garage conversion.  Using the garage for storage felt like a waste of space.  We never parked in our garage, because we had too much junk.  Once we removed all the clutter, we realized its potential.

What is your worst DIY fail?  Staining our wood stairs!  Our contractor friend removed the carpet and spent hours sanding the wood.  To save money I was in charge of the next step; staining and sealing the stairs. Stain is messy!  The stain on the stair treads is uneven and dark.  I should have left it to the professional!!

What do you like to do when you aren’t DIYing?  I like to cook and play music, garden, read, catch with old friends and play with my dogs.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you?  I have big sense of humor.  I love to laugh.  I paint in my “nice clothes” and I can’t whistle or snap my fingers.   

If you are giving advice to a new DIYer what would it be?  Don’t be afraid to take your time.  I make less mistakes and find it so much easier if I  work in 25 minute intervals, then take a break.  


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