Melissa Woods from Welcome To The Woods


Get to know her with these 10 questions about her life as a DIYer, business woman and mother. Growing up in Minnesota, she has built Welcome To The Woods with over 6k followers on Facebook and 88k shares on Hometalk. Melissa is also a Hometalk Live host and video phenom.

1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in central Minnesota and only lived away for a couple years for college in La-Crosse, Wisconsin.

2. When did you start DIYing?

I really got into DIY-ing when my husband and I bought our first house six years ago. I remember it all started when we got new windows and I told the contractor I would paint the casing myself to save money. Little did I know, this would set me off towards painting almost everything.

3. What is your DIY motto?

Secondhand is the man. I hate seeing craft projects that cost $50 in materials to make but would cost $5 to buy new. Not worth it. I am all about thrift store finds, garage sale scores, and Craigslist hunting.

4. Is DIYing your full time job?

My full time job is being a stay-at-home Mommy to three little kids under the age of 6. But yes, besides them, I spend my time blogging, crafting, and creating.

5. How do you find inspiration for what to DIY?

Of course I love to peruse Pinterest, but I also sometimes wander the aisles of décor stores like Pier 1, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target to see when inspiration strikes. More often than not, I just come up with stuff. My most popular posts have been completely original ideas, such as my stair railing makeover and my green hydrangea wreath idea.

6. What’s a project that stands out in your head and why? 

My favorite project I’ve ever done is my abstract wall art on a DIY canvas. I used materials that totaled $14 to make a canvas 44” by 90” (HUGE!) which would easily sell for over $300. Besides the cost savings of materials, the abstract painting itself turned out beautiful and I get a LOT of compliments on it. The painting exemplifies life as a parent of young children, chaotic and cathartic at the same time.

7. What is your worst DIY fail? 

One time I tried to make giant multicolored ice balls in the yard with my kids. We filled balloons with food coloring and water and set them outside in the winter to freeze. The next day we tried to cut away the balloons and this resulted in shreds of balloon in my yard and food coloring staining ALL my kid’s outdoor gear, expensive snow pants and jackets and everything. The ice balls weren’t perfect spheres as they appeared on Pinterest so it didn’t even look that cool.

8. What do you like to do when you aren’t DIYing?

I enjoy playing volleyball, writing, real estate (my husband and I also own a rental property) and spending time outdoors with my family.

9. Tell us something that might surprise us about you?

Readers might be surprised how young I am. I am 26. The year I was 20, I got married, graduated from college with an AA degree, bought a house, moved states, and had my first baby. I am also the youngest of 7 children and my parents are still married after 38 years, all of whom live within an hour of my house. I guess you could say that is unique in this day and age.

10.  If you are giving advice to a new DIYer what would it be? 

Start small and acquire tools along the way. I felt I could not do much without the fancy tools in the beginning, but I realized that by getting tools one by one, it allowed me to slowly (and safely) broaden my abilities. This way you can watch out for secondhand scores or amazing sales when buying tools. Investing a lot of money into a project is not the wisest way to DIY because you never know if your project will actually turn out.


We loved getting to know Melissa on a personal level. We loved learning about her life outside of the blog. Be sure to check out her page here!

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